It’s been a journey to bring the ‘King of Fruit’ to you…

Our motive and Inspiration hasn’t started with commercial gain but purely to bring the much loved taste of the home grown fruit that we often miss here in UK. Having not fully satisfied with the taste from the various Mango options available, we wanted to make it real with quality Mango available from its true source.

We took care in selecting the supplier where we source fruit from. Have personally visited the facilities, follow up with the farmer for growing the fruit to comply with the UK and European import standards etc..  No middle men involved and we deal directly with the Farmer/supplier to bring the real natural fruit farm fresh to you. we are pleased to be in partnership with Nuzveed Mangoes who share similar vision and responsibility.

Our desire is to do things in all honesty and drive our business respecting our customers first. In fact, we have our name on it! to show, that we are very passionate in our approach to bring the taste of the exclusive selected Mangoes to UK  and to assure that we will be transparent and give you the confidence that the fruit is from the origin.  At any cost, we won’t follow short cuts and NO tolerance allowed on quality.

We want to ensure every pound you spend should be enjoyed ‘Mango’ly… We promise that each mango will be of good size and quality and the price you pay will be justified with fruit passing all the UK and European import standards.

we Love Mango, we want you to love and enjoy your Mango too..

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